Novel technology for controlled fabrication of aperture cantilever sensors for scanning near-field optical microscopy
Kolomiytsev A.S., Kotosonova A.V., Il’in O.I., Saenko A.V., Shelaev A.V., Baryshev A.V.
Micron 2024 Цитирований: 0
Emerging complexity in the self-dual theory of superconductivity
de Araujo Sarmento M., Cordoba W.Y., Shanenko A., Vagov A., Aguiar J.A., Stolyarov V.S.
Journal of Physics Condensed Matter 2024 Цитирований: 0
Magnetism, heat capacity, and electronic structure of EuCd2P2 in view of its colossal magnetoresistance
Usachov D.Y., Krebber S., Bokai K.A., Tarasov A.V., Kopp M., Garg C., Virovets A., Müller J., Mende M., Poelchen G., Vyalikh D.V., Krellner C., Kliemt K.
Physical Review B 2024 Цитирований: 0
Quantum error mitigation in the regime of high noise using deep neural network: Trotterized dynamics
Zhukov A., Pogosov W.
Quantum Information Processing 2024 Цитирований: 0
Chemical Vapor Deposition Synthesis of Intrinsic High‐Temperature Ferroelectric 2D CuCrSe2
Wang P., Zhao Y., Na R., Dong W., Duan J., Cheng Y., Xu B., Kong D., Liu J., Du S., Zhao C., Yang Y., Lv L., Hu Q., Ai H., Xiong Y., Stolyarov V.S., Zheng S., Zhou Y., Deng F., Zhou J.
Advanced Materials 2024 Цитирований: 0
Controllable magnetic states in chains of coupled φ0 Josephson junctions with ferromagnetic weak links
Bobkov G.A., Bobkova I.V., Bobkov A.M.
Physical Review B 2024 Цитирований: 0
Anisotropic Josephson Diode Effect in the Topological Hybrid Junctions with the Hexagonal Warping
Karabassov T.
JETP Letters 2024 Цитирований: 0
Suppression of Superconducting Fluctuations in Multiband Superconductors as a Mechanism for Increasing the Critical Temperature (Mini-review)
Krasavin A.V., Vagov A.V., Vasenko A.S., Stolyarov V.A., Shanenko A.A.
JETP Letters 2024 Цитирований: 0
Magnetic Eigenmodes in Chains of Coupled φ0-Josephson Junctions with Ferromagnetic Weak Links
Bobkov G.A., Bobkova I.V., Bobkov A.M.
JETP Letters 2024 Цитирований: 0
To the limit of the remagnetization energy barrier for the Dy3+-based single ion magnet in the apatite ceramic matrix
Kazin P.E., Zykin M.A., Karpov M.A., Vasiliev A.V., Sharifullin T.Z., Eliseev A.A., Eliseev A.A., Kremer R.K., Dinnebier R.E., Jansen M.
Ceramics International 2024 Цитирований: 0
Intertype superconductivity evoked by the interplay of disorder and multiple bands
Marychev P.M., Shanenko A.A., Vagov A.V.
Frontiers of Physics 2024 Цитирований: 0
Spin-Valve-Controlled Triggering of Superconductivity
Neilo A., Bakurskiy S., Klenov N., Soloviev I., Kupriyanov M.
Nanomaterials 2024 Цитирований: 0
Fully Microscopic Treatment of Magnetic Field Using Bogoliubov–De Gennes Approach
Neverov V.D., Kalashnikov A., Lukyanov A.E., Krasavin A.V., Croitoru M.D., Vagov A.
Condensed Matter 2024 Цитирований: 0
The Impact of Short-Range (Gaussian) Disorder Correlations on Superconducting Characteristics
Neverov V.D., Lukyanov A.E., Krasavin A.V., Vagov A., Croitoru M.D.
Condensed Matter 2024 Цитирований: 2