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Current-controlled nascent and ordinary vortex states in bilayered superconducting bridge/ Водолазов Д.Ю.

Водолазов Д. С., ИФМ РАН

В среду 03 апреля в 15:00 в 119 ЛК на научном семинаре Центра перспективных методов мезофизики и нанотехнологий с докладом на тему "Current-controlled nascent and ordinary vortex states in bilayered superconducting bridge" выступит ведущий научный сотрудник ИФМ РАН, д.ф.-.м.н. Водолазов Денис Юрьевич. 

Аннотация: We theoretically show that in current-carrying hybrid superconductor(S)/normal metal(N) bridge there is a state with spatial oscillations of modulus of superconducting order parameter Delta along the bridge and zero vorticity. This stationary state is realized at large currents, when proximity induced superconductivity in N layer is suppressed. With increase of the current the number of oscillations of Delta increases which leads to oscillations of differential resistance/kinetic inductance of SN bridge with normal/superconducting leads. At current exceeding critical current Ic this spatially oscillating state transforms to periodically in time moving vortex chain across the SN bridge. Because of these properties we call such a state as nascent vortex state.

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